Appetite suppression with Essential Oils

YLTG Grapefruit essential oil

Did you know that you can use essential oils to help suppress your appetite?

The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Institute of Chicago found that inhaling a scent (Basil, Oregano, Lemon, etc.) regularly, especially when hungry, can suppress the desire to eat.

By inhaling aroma six times in each nostril, desire to eat is inhibited. Dr. Hirsch found that sniffing three times in each nostril was sufficient. If the scent is not adequately smelled, it can increase desire to eat; so smell the oil deeply and as many times as suggested.

They also found that oils should be rotated daily for best results. We are attracted to different smells and tastes each day, and if you eat the same foods day after day, it can lead to feelings of deprivation, which is an important cause of failure when dieting.

Dr. Hirsch found that you could not over do it. In fact, the more people used scent to control appetite, the more weight they lost.

Essential Oils to use
The oils associated with cooking herbs were best. Peppermint was successful. Flowery and medicinal smelling oils were least effective. See what works for you.

Cinnamon, Ginger, Black Pepper, Grapefruit, Peppermint, Clove, Rosemary, Basil, Coriander, Lemon, Sage, Cassia, Marjoram, Spearmint, Dill, Nutmeg, Thyme, Orange, Fennel, Wintergreen

How to use the essential oils to control appetite

Choose three or more essential oils to use throughout the day. Carry them on you or keep close by. The more you use them, the more effective they will be. Each day rotate the oils you used previously with three new ones.

When you find you are tempted, feel hungry, or are beginning to eat a meal, open the bottle and take at least three whiffs in each nostril. Breathe as deeply as you can, especially with the one nostril that is partially closed.

Put the cap back on so you don’t diffuse or constantly smell the oil, or you become used to the scent and it is not as effective. The goal here is not to eat, but to eat when you want and how much you want easily and comfortably.

People with asthma or migraine headaches may find that sniffing a variety of smells can aggravate their conditions so be cautious.

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